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Med and Dent Belmont Clair Chair

Med and Dent Belmont Clair Chair Ciesta II Unit    

Belmont Clair Chair
Download the Belmont Clair Chair Brochure

  • Japanese Made, patient-friendly chair offering face to face consultation within a very compact footprint
  • The unique, folding and extending leg rest provides the easiest Patient entry/exit via the front or either side of the chair, assisted by foldaway, detachable armrests
  • New Soft-Touch plush upholstery material
  • Joystick foot controls for easy hands free chair movements
  • The Belmont Clair chair is also available with the Clesta II pedestal delivery system.
  • Warranty 5 Year Parts / 18 Months Labour.
  • Many more Belmont chair alone units are also available, Clesta 2 and Clesta e3 chairs are also available as a stand alone unit. See chair packages and omit the dentist arm/spittoon/light etc. 

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Med and Dent SDS Biscayne Chair

SDS 7000BY Chair
Download the SDS Biscayne 7000BY Chair Brochure

  • USA Made 7000BY delivers quality and value ideal for hygienists and dentists.
  • Hydraulic Base and Back.
  • Auto Return Function.
  • Optional Programmable Pre-Position.
  • Optional Armrests (one outward rotating arm).
  • Optional Double Articulating Headrest.
  • Warranty 5 Year Parts, 18 Month Labour.
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Med and Dent SDS Daytona Chair

SDS 8000DY Chair
Download the SDS Daytona 8000DY Chair Brochure

  • USA Made Daytona chair is designed to last a lifetime; the chair is constructed with a cast aluminium base and back with a reinforced steel seat frame.
  • Quiet and smooth hydraulic operation the chair is comfortable, easy to use and virtually maintenance free.
  • Hydraulic Base and Back, 60° swivel base, swivel arms, and a double articulating headrest.
  • Programmed automatic return button and a programmable pre-position setting.
  • Warranty 5 Year Parts, 18 Months Labour.
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Med and Dent SDS Palm Beach Chair

SDS 9000PB Chair
Download the SDS Palm Beach 9000PB Chair Brochure

  • USA Made Palm Beach chair is designed for ultimate patent comfort and optimal operator access
  • Quality, performance and style
  • Hydraulic Base and Back, 60 degree swivel base, synchronised back and seat movement and Auto Return function
  • Two Programmable Pre-Positions, swivel arms and double articulating headrest
  • Warranty 5 Year Parts, 18 Months Labour
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