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Med and Dent Air Techniques Scan X Duo Digital Phosphor Plate Scanner

Air Techniques Scan X Duo Phosphor Plate Scanner
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  • ScanX delivers crisp, sharp images in up to 20 lp/mm true resolution, meeting the needs of all diagnostic requirements.
  • This small and efficient two track system is capable of reading images simultaneously from 2 PSP
  • Capture all areas of your patient's anatomy thanks to ScanX PSPs that have a 100% active surface area. This means you capture up to nearly 40% more anatomy than with the comparable sized wired sensor.
  • Once a PSP has been inserted into ScanX, the sharp, crisp image appears on your screen in seconds.
  • Your digital images are ready to be reviewed, shared, archived or emailed.
  • Plate Sizes 0-1-2-3-4
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