Dental Sterilisation Cleaning & Maintenance

Med and Dent Melag Pro Class Steriliser

NSK iClave Plus Steriliser
Download the NSK iClave Plus Steriliser Brochure

  • Copper Chambers Superior Thermal Conductivity Delivers Outstanding Performance, and 50% more capacity than conventional Autoclaves
  • Faster sterilisation
  • Copper chamber and adaptive heat system allows sterilisation in 18 and 35 minutes under Class S and B standards (Including drying phase) making it more efficient
  • More economical and environmentally friendly
  • iClave plus can sterilise more instruments at a time. The iClave plus also lowers environmental impact because it consumes less electricity and water.
  • Gentle handpiece sterilization
  • Consistently even internal temperatures resulting from the use of a copper chamber and the adaptive heat system make it possible to control steam flow and eliminate heat fluctuations. With less thermal impact, sterilization of air turbines, contra-angles and other instruments is gentler and safer.
  • Warranty 2 Years if installation is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions by an authorised installer

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Med and Dent Melag Melaquick Steriliser

Ultrawave Ultrasonic Bath
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  • Ultrawave's Q-Series offers repeatable & traceable cleaning performance for a wide range of industries. Incorporating Frequency Leap technology, the Q-Series provide excellent ultrasonic activity with validated results for use in Scientific & laboratory, University Research, Veterinary Surgeries, Healthcare and many other industries.
  • Available in sizes of 2.5-25 Litres, the Q-Series is operated by a digital control ensuring that precise & accurate cleaning requirements can be met.


Med and Dent IC Medical Washer

IC Medical Washer Disinfector
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  • Preparation of up to 8 hollow instruments
  • LongLife filter system
  • Preparation of up to 18 hollow instruments
  • Compact and space-saving design - can be used as table-top or built-in unit
  • Installation requirements All you need to operate the HD 450 Injection PRO washer-disinfector is the following:
    Power supply 220...240V; 50/60 Hz; 16A; 2,4KW
    Cold water connection 3/4 inch
    Waste water connection DN19
  • The All-in-One System - Oxides ThermoTab
  • Operation via IC Touch Control
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Med and Dent Melag Melatherm Washer Disinfector

Melag Melatherm Washer Disinfector
Download the Melag Melatherm Washer Disinfector Brochure

  • Washer disinfector complying with the EN 15883 European Standard.
  • Ideally used in processing instruments by machine.
  • Feeding Process Agents with the dosing unit
  • Batch Documentation with the CF Card or Network
  • Active Drying in accordance with the Standard
  • MELAtherm 10 automatically monitors the rotation of the rinse arms, the rinse pressure and the filter sieves. Errors in the program mode or during operation are thus prevented.
  • MELAtherm 10 can be fitted in floor units without any problem, the standard width being only 60 cm.
  • Should the MELAtherm 10 be free-standing next to floor unit, MELAG offers a stainless steel cover plate. The optional floor unit, also available, facilitates ergonomic working height and creates additional storage space.
  • MELAtherm 10 is equipped with a basis basket, with or without injector rail, at your option. Up to 11 hollow body instruments can be processed with the injector rail, e.g. suction tubes or dental handpieces and contra angles etc.
  • Warranty 2 Years if installation is carried out in accordance with manufacturer's instructions by an authorised installer

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Med and Dent NSK iCare Automatic Handpiece Maintenance

NSK iCare Automatic Handpiece Maintenance
Download the NSK iCare Automatic Handpiece Maintenance Brochure

  • Automatically cleans and lubricates with a new standard in handpiece maintenance
  • Ergonomic and easily readable panel with a stylish and compact body
  • Rotation systems guarantees optimal oil delivery to the internal components of all low speed handpieces and meticulously cleans the components of high speed handpieces
  • Presets proper solution volume based on handpiece type
  • Automatic maintenance for up to 4 handpieces at once
  • Accommodates both NSK Handpieces and most other brands via Adaptors
  • Solution Tank is 1.2 Litres
  • W280 x D240 x H350 (mm)
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Med and Dent NSK Pana Spray Plus

NSK Pana Spray Plus

  • Handpiece Lubrication via Manual System
  • Choose your adaptor nozzle to suit your handpiece
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