Dental Intra Oral Cameras

Med and Dent Carestream CS1200 Intra Oral Camera

Carestream CS1200 Intra Oral Camera
Download the Carestream CS1200 Brochure

  • USA Made, Entry level model at an affordable price
  • Quality Images, easy to share and improved communication with your patient
  • Store up to 300 images in the camera
  • Focal Range 3mm to 25mm
  • USB Direct to PC, S Video direct to monitor
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Med and Dent Carestream CS1500 Intra Oral Camera

Bonida HD Intra Oral Camera
Download the Bonida HD Brochure

  • BONIDA HD produces high resolution intra oral images for cosmetic applications, dental examinations and patient consultation.
  • Fast auto-focus with a press of a button
  • Easy caries operation side-by-side display of both normal and caries images for easy comparison
  • Left and right hand image capture buttons
  • 'Sleep Mode' when camera is not in use
  • One touch metal connector
  • Direct USB connection
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Med and Dent GoodDrs WhiCam s3 Intra Oral Camera

Air Techniques Cam X Elara Intra Oral Camera
Download the Cam X Elara and Spectra Brochure

  • Modern Sleek Design, beautifully shaped
  • Sturdy lightweight design fits comfortably in the hand and satisfies all ergonomic demands
  • Capture buttons located on the top and bottom of the camera
  • Unique capture-upon-release feature makes capturing steady, sharp images as easy as 1-2-3
  • A short vibration tells you that an image has been captured
  • A motion sensor switches the camera on and off and ensures efficient use while improving workflow
  • CamX Elara is always in focus from 5-35mm making the camera easy to use and eliminating the need for further adjustments
  • 8 White Light LEDs positioned around the lens provide bright homogeneous image quality
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