NSK Dental Range

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Med and Dent NSK High Speed Air Turbine Handpieces

NSK High Speed Air Turbine Handpieces
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  • NSK Japanese made and superior Quality offering durability and reliability
  • Smaller Heads and slimmer necks along with ergonomic design features making it more comfortable for the user and the patient
  • The gear is coated with diamond-like carbon making wear resistance up to 5 times greater than other models and advanced technology has boosted sterilisation resistance
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Med and Dent NSK Slow Speed Contra Angle Handpieces

NSK Slow Speed Contra Angle Handpieces
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  • NSK Japanese made Z Turbine offers consistent power
  • New 3D Rotor shape gives a higher output for smoother cutting
  • New Design offers a more powerful and durable turbine
  • NSK Contra Angles are compatible with most other brand couplings
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Med and Dent NSK Clinical Micromotors

NSK Clinical Micromotors
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  • NSK Japanese made offers the full range of Micromotors
  • MultiPad multicontrol panel is available as an integrated system
  • NLX Nano is a new generation of Micromotor, smaller in size and lightweight gives a wide range of clinical applications. Available as both optic and non optic as well as portable and integrated systems
  • Also available is the TiMax X205L Air Motor, the SMax M205 Air Motor and the FX205m Motor to suit everyone's needs
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Med and Dent NSK Oral Hygiene

NSK Oral Hygiene
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  • NSK Japanese Made Varios Series has a full range of Scalers available
  • Varios Combi Pro is the ultimate offering 2 maintenance systems in 1
  • Varios Series is a Multi-Function Ultrasonic Scaler Series providing outstanding performance and versatility
  • iPiezo Engine Range is a Mulit-Function Portable Unit for extreme versatility with options available to suit all needs and budgets
  • Full range of Tips also available
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Med and Dent NSK Endodontics

NSK Endodontics
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  • NSK Japanese made superior quality
  • From the EX Series Endodontic Handpiece through to the elite iPex II Advanced Apex Locator or the EndoMate AT and EndoMate TC2, we have the full range available
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Med and Dent NSK Surgical

NSK Surgical
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  • NSK Japanese Made Surgic Pro and VarioSurg3 offers synergy as two linked surgical systems using a single foot control with a large and clear display for enhanced safety.
  • Available as a complete set or items are available separately as the Surgic Pro Surgical Motor, the Control Unit, the Surgical Handpiece and/or all accessories
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Med and Dent NSK Laboratory

NSK Laboratory
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  • NSK Japanese made offers a world leading laboratory range
  • Ultimate XL Series offers micromotors and a choice of 4 control units to suit space and user requirements
  • Presto Air Turbine Handpieces, the Volvere i7 and MIO Coreless Micromotors suit all requirements
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Med and Dent NSK Hygiene & Maintenance

NSK iCare Hygiene & Maintenance
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  • NSK Japanese made iCare Unit is the ultimate in Handpiece Maintenance
  • Setting a new standard, it automatically cleans and lubricates at the touch of a button
  • Also offering a range of adaptors to suit most brands
  • Manual System of Pana Spray Plus with Nozzles is also available
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Med and Dent NSK Mobile Dentistry

NSK Dentalone Mobile Dentistry
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  • Japanese made, an exciting new product called Dentalone
  • Mobile and compact dental unit on wheels with a total weight of 18.5kg making transportation easy
  • Retracts into a portable unit like a flight cabin bag (dimensions: 545 x 351 x 405 mm) and compact enough to fit into the boot of a car
  • An adjustable console convenient to use at a bedside reaching a height of 766mm
  • Low volume operating noise level (<58 dB) allowing clinicians to deliver efficient dental treatment
  • Equipped with instruments that have extended functionalities to offer dental care outside any dental practice
  • Plug and play system suitable to use anywhere there is power at any time
  • Comes with a VA 170 Lux Ultrasonic Scaler, Water tank for spray, Saliva ejector (without cannula), Electric NLX Nano brushless micro-motor with LED light, Multi-function syringe, Built in compressor, Variable foot control, Height adjustable
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NSK iClave Plus

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  • Copper Chambers Superior Thermal Conductivity Delivers Outstanding Performance, and 50% more capacity than conventional Autoclaves
  • Faster sterilisation
  • Copper chamber and adaptive heat system allows sterilisation in 18 and 35 minutes under Class S and B standards (Including drying phase) making it more efficient
  • More economical and environmentally friendly
  • iClave plus can sterilise more instruments at a time. The iClave plus also lowers environmental impact because it consumes less electricity and water.
  • Gentle handpiece sterilization
  • Consistently even internal temperatures resulting from the use of a copper chamber and the adaptive heat system make it possible to control steam flow and eliminate heat fluctuations. With less thermal impact, sterilization of air turbines, contra-angles and other instruments is gentler and safer.