Medical and Dental Ultrasonic Scalers

Med and Dent NSK Varios Ultrasonic Scaler

NSK Varios Ultrasonic Scaler
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  • Stylish and versatile Varios series features the intuitive NSK iPiezo engine
  • Offers more effective and efficient treatment in all clinical applications.
  • Wide range of tips so the applications are endless; Perio, Scaling and Endodontic functionality to Implant maintenance.
  • Optic Models offer twin LED lights at the head of the slim-line handpieces for much clearer vision and allows for easier identification of calculus and plaque during oral hygiene and scaling procedures.
  • Models available Varios 370 & Varios 970 iPiezo engines, both Non Optic and Optic options
  • Handpiece available Varios 2 (Non Optic) and Varios 2 LUX (Optic LED)
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Med and Dent Dentsply Cavitron

Dentsply Cavitron
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  • Tap-On Technology is designed to reduce leg and ankle discomfort associated with continued foot pedal usage A single tap activates scaling, allowing you to rest your foot during the procedure.
  • Additional power option include single-push turbo mode for up to 25% greater power and hands-free boost activation by pressing the pedal to the floor.
  • Finer water control allows for more precise and convenient adjustment of lavage on the handpiece to the preferred setting.
  • Extended Low Power Range, BlueZone, designed for improved patient comfort. Autoclavable handpiece provides assurance against cross-contamination.
  • Single-push rinse and purge modes
  • Also available as integrated unit that can be fitted directly into your dental unit
  • Warranty 2 Years
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