Dental OPG Xrays, Digital & Ceph

Med and Dent Carestream 8100 Digital Panoramic and/or Ceph OPG

Carestream 8100 Digital Panoramic and/or Ceph OPG
Download the Carestream 8100 Brochure

  • USA Made, Super fast and simple operation
  • Ultra Compact with WCS Adapt Module Software for increased image quality and clarity
  • Panoramic with the CS8100 Model and Ceph with the CS8100SC Model
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Med and Dent Midmark Progeny Vantage OPG

Midmark Progeny Vantage OPG
Download the Midmark Progeny Vantage Brochure

  • Easy to Use; Five pre-programmed exam settings, including bitewing, minimize exam set-up time and allow routine diagnostic exams to be performed extraorally for improved clinical efficiency and patient experience.  Open, compact design optimizes space requirements
  • Consistent Positioning; Exclusive Focal Trough Alignment reminder assists in consistent patient positioning

  • Exclusive Vantage Trust® remote support and training service offered at no charge for the first 60 days of use. Online training videos can be accessed and viewed on the Vantage Touch® operator panel
  • Cephalometric-upgradeable; Ceph-upgradeable for expanded extraoral exam capabilities to the C Digital Panoramic and Ceph System
  • Integration; Progeny Imaging software included for download on an unlimited number of operatory workstations with no additional user fees

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Med and Dent Soredex Cranex Novus E Digital Panoramic OPG

Soredex Cranex Novus E Digital Panoramic OPG
Download the Soredex Cranex Novus E Brochure

  • Finnish Made, fast and easy to use panoramic unit
  • Excellent image quality and enhanced operation with Clear Touch control panel
  • Automatic exposure values based on the selected program
  • 5-point head support with bite block ensures patient stability
  • Three laser lights for accurate positioning
  • Easily adjustable, self-locking temple supports
  • Hinged mirror for easy patient positioning
  • Rigid patient handles with integrated chin rest
  • Adult panoramic exposures in 9 seconds with absolutely no compromise in image quality
  • Clean, simple lines and smooth, flat surfaces suit all dental environments
  • Compact, small footprint makes easy to fit CRANEX® Novus into any clinic
  • Extremely easy set up
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Med and Dent Soredex Cranex D Digital Panoramic & Ceph OPG

Soredex Cranex D Digital Panoramic & Ceph OPG
Download the Soredex Cranex D Brochure

  • Finnish Made, the ultimate digital panoramic/cephalometric system
  • Adult and child panoramic, TMJ, sectional imaging, optional cephalometric
  • Extra wide anterior layer thickness, (ensuring quality imaging on all patients)
  • Extremely accurate patient positioning, made easy
  • Optional digital Ceph utilising the central cephalometric projection technique, ensuring anatomically correct images
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